For over 20 years, Whitstable Lavender has been supplying Lavender products such as Dried Lavender Bunches, loose Lavender Seeds, Lavender essential Oil, and Lavender Waters. You can shop online at anytime.

The Bath & Shower range has, Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzers, Bath Foam, Bath Oil, Bath Salts, Bath Soak, Hair Conditioner, Hair Shampoo, Liquid Hand Soap, Shower Gel and solid Soap Bars.  

The Body range includes: Body Spray, Cologne, Deodorant, Face Cream, Foot Cream, Foot Spray, Foot Soak, Hand & Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Hand Sanitizer, Headache Relief Roll-on with Lavender & Peppermint Oils(10ml), Lavender Roll-on (10ml), Lavender Oil with dropper (10ml - 50ml - 100ml ,and premixed Massage Oil. 

The Lavender Water range includes: Lavender Water Cooling Body Spray, Lavender Water Foot Spray with Lavender & Menthol, Lavender Water Linen Spray to refresh Bedding, and Lavender Water Pillow Spray to help you relax and Sleep.

  In our Household range you will find Candles, Car Fresheners, Drawer Scenters, Incense Sticks, Moth Repellent, Oil Burners, Pot Pourri, Reed Diffusers Liquid & Sticks, Room Spray, Sleep Pillows, Wardrobe Fresheners, Wax Melts, and Wheatbags that you heat up in a microwave.


See ARTS & CRAFTS for Clocks, Driftwood, Fridge Magnets, Key Ring Fobs, Hand Knitted goods(Rocky the Rabbit), and Postcards. You will also find a range of original paintings by local Kent Artists.

How Whitstable Lavender began.

Barbara and I have always used lavender around the home for relaxing fragrant baths, massages, burns, stings and of course we have grown lavender plants in the garden.

In 1999 I picked some bunches of lavender flower heads and tried to steam them. To my surprise oil was produced!  When I had used all the lavender plants from the garden, Barbara asked "where is all the water that was produced when you steamed the lavender plants?"  My reply was down the drain!! "Oh Dear!" what a start! Barbara wanted to use it as linen water when ironing to make the bedding fragrant. We now stock Linen Water Spray in 250ml bottles and the Linen Water Refills in 500ml bottles. After producing lavender oil and lavender water for a few years, our interest became greater, as did the amount of lavender flower heads given by friends, family and neighbours, plus many varieties of new lavender plants we had grown. It was now time to upgrade the still, stop using old whiskey bottles for the storing of Lavender water and start using the correct bottles and labels etc. So the hobby grew. In late 2006 I started to develop lavender enhancing products, for example seed bags and pot pourri. In 2007 we started to produce candles and soaps.

Happy Shopping. Colin Dudley T/A Whitstable Lavender Products.

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Calming & Relaxing Bath Oil blend of Lavender Essential Oil and Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil. 50ml


Whitstable Lavender - Lavender Bath Oil Blend 50ml. Add to your bath water for a relaxing soak. External Use Only


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