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For the Household we stock Lavender Reed Diffusers, Room Fragrancers, Room Sprays, Drawer Scenters, Drawer Liners, Wardrobe Fragrancers,  Moth Repellent bags and Moth Repellent Oil. Fragrant material Cats, Dogs & Seahorses that you can hang by your bed or in any room. Also Dried Lavender Bunches and loose Lavender Seed from Dried Lavender. Add a Lavender Fragrance to  your Tumble Dyer and Vacuum Cleaner with sachets that you can top up with Lavender Oil and re-use.

CAR - Air Freshener - Ladies

Whitstable Lavender
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Ladies Car Air Freshener fragranced with Lavender Essential Oil



Ladies Car Air Freshener fragranced with Lavender essential oil to hang in your car - refresh with our Lavender essential oil See option to add to your order.