Whitstable Lavender
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BODY - Small Microwaveable Wheatbag with Lavender incl. Cover - Small with Embroidered Whitstable Lavender  Cover

Approx weight. 454g Approx Length 28cm (11 inches)

Contents: Wheat & Lavender Seeds


Select Lavender oil or Without Lavender Oil from the dropdown to complete order.

Recharge with a drop of Lavender Oil as required

Note: The material used for the outer cover varies so the product supplied may have a different colour/design to that shown in the image.

Small Lavender Wheat Bag with Embroidered Whitstable Lavender  Cover Approx. 454g. Can be put into a microwave or freezer. The outer embroidered cover can be removed for washing.

Approx size. 27.9cm x 12.7cm (11in. x 5ins)

Note: the outer bag cover can be ordered separately to replace a worn bag cover.

Note. Follow the instructions when heating in a Microwave