Ideas for Using Essential Lavender Oil

  • Use to rub on temple to relieve headaches
  • Use on minor burns
  • Use to ease pain from stings and bites
  • Can be used as an insect repellent
  • Add  a few drops to the final laundry rinse water
  • Add a few drops to your bath water or hot tub for a relaxing soak
  • Perfume your pillows for a soothing relaxing sleep
  •  add a drop to a static cling cloth or wash cloth to scent clothes in the dryer
  • Add to your vacuum cleaner filter

  • Dot a light bulb with oil, the heat of the bulb will scent the house

  • Add a drip of lavender oil to your dusting rag to add scent and shine to woodwork, never spray directly onto polished woodwork as it may stain.

  • Drip 5 drops of lavender oil in a bowl of hot water, place a towel over your head and inhale, to calm your troubled emotions

  • Add a drop of lavender oil to freshen your lavender bags

  • Add 1 to 2 drops of oil to freshen pot pourri or dried flowers.

  • As a flea deterrent, mix 1 table spoon of oil with 1 litre of warm water, pour into an atomizer and spray where required, shake atomizer frequently whilst spraying.

  • Add a few drops to your pets bed, to keep the bedding smelling sweetly and calm your pet.




Lavender Facial
Add 5 drops of lavender oil to a steaming hot bowl of water, place a towel over your head and inhale.

Ideal for clearing colds, refreshing and cleansing your skin as well as relaxing and calming body and soul.

Lavender Insect Bite & Sting Remedy
Put 1-2 drops of lavender oil on cotton wool and dab gently on insect bites, bee and nettle stings.

Ideal for easing painful bites and stings.

Lavender Minor Burns including Sunburn Remedy
For minor burns and sunburn, add 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil to a litre of water. Place a flannel or clean cotton cloth into the water, then lay on the affected area.

Ideal for pain relief and scar reduction

Lavender Room Fragrance
Drizzle a few drops of lavender oil onto a cloth or Tissue and lay over a hot radiator